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We deliver since 1920.

Lagermax is today the largest company in Salzburg in the fields of shipping, car transport and logistics.

In addition, express, package and system services such as DPD, AED and FASHIONET are offered.

With our own locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey, the Lagermax Group offers a well-rounded distribution network for all customer requirements and qualifies us as the transport and logistics specialist from Central Europe to the Black Sea.

Lagermax - Partner of Austrian Logistics!

The Lagermax Group with its business divisions freight forwarding, logistics, vehicle logistics, express and parcel services, is partner of AUSTRIAN LOGISTICS - brand of the Austrian logistics sector.

Facts & Figures - Lagermax Group

Together in motion.

Quality-and environmental management

Lagermax contributes to an environmentally sound, reliable and cost-efficient task fulfilment along the value chain.

State-certified educational institution

For the past 60 years Lagermax has successfully educated apprentices.

In 1997 Lagermax received an award of excellence as
„state-certified educational institution“ from the Republic of Austria.

Lagermax Group
Corporate Movie

Reliability, flexibility and security define the requirements of a competent logistics partner. In this image film, you can learn more about the Lagermax Group.


Lagermax in the changing times.

Business Conduct Guidelines

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