Textile Logistics

Warehouse logistics solutions for "stored" or packaged fabrics.

Warehouse logistics solutions for "stored" or packaged fabrics.

The intensive procurement costs due to seasonal fluctuations and avoidable expensive warehousing costs are perfectly balanced using our "T/S-logistics system".

Specially trained and experienced staff dealing with storage and handling offers the best prerequisites to bring your goods to the customer. For promotions, fixed date deliveries, customs clearance in the entrance and exit are implemented quickly and accurately.

IT-based flows of goods from storage to commission and packaging of goods. Articles are handled according to different criteria e.g. item numbers, variants, sizes, colours, characteristics.

FASHIONET offers you efficient hanging clothes logistics throughout Europe. A specially equipped fleet of vehicles will transport your hanging textiles perfectly.

Your advantages

  • Specific services
  • container discharges
  • grade-pure sizing and palletising
  • quality and quantity controls
  • drawing patterns
  • duty-free storage in the in-house customs warehouse
  • ironing clothes in tunnel finishing procedure using steam puppets
  • qualified manual ironing staff.

Your contact person

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