Promotional and special remodelling

"Modification with Passion"

Promotional and special modifications

Individual paint finishes, fiberglass designs and radical custom modifications according to the customer's request!

Almost 20 years of experience in the field of modification of vehicles and equipment allow us to overcome any hurdle in vehicle construction and to optimally realize your ideas! From mobile cocktail bars to special equipment for winter and off-road use to huge mobile advertising space, our company offers all imaginable possibilities!


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Discover our special remodelling.

Vehicle remodelling: Advertising vehicles, event vehicles, promotional vehicles, special vehicle remodelling

Our customers have very specific and individual requirements for their vehicles. We implement these and help you to make your vehicle your dream vehicle.

As part of a professional requirements analysis, we work with you to create your personal offer for your car, van, commercial vehicle or agricultural and construction machinery. Whether small modifications or radical modifications, with us, you drive safely and in the best possible for more than 18 years.


Thanks to years of experience, we can provide you with valuable tips and advice and accompany you through the entire process - so that you ultimately have your dream of a promotional vehicle in front of you.

We have tried to answer the most important questions when it comes to promotional vehicles for you:

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