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"Modification with Passion"

Piaggio Ape modifications

Our flexible team takes care of your individual needs, from the development to the production phase. The construction of vehicles will be implemented in our company in coordination with TÜV Austria.

The required components are manufactured according to our own design drawings.

You will receive your very special Ape, from the creation of the vision to the complete project support, to the completion and TÜV single acceptance at our location in Straßwalchen.

To be able to respond even more precisely to your wishes and specific requirements - here is all the information about the Italian bees (Ape) www.ape-piaggio-umbau.com.

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"Modification with Passion"

Tampering with the Lagermax Website
Recently our homepage has been copied and falsified for the presumed purpose of fraud. Please carefully check the correct spelling of the URL and of our company when visiting our side. The Lagermax AG points out that we do not accept payments for vehicle transactions and we strongly advise against this procedure.