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Remarkable increase of toll for trucks
by January 1st 2019


By ratifying the Wegekostengutachten (WKG) 2018-2022 the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Innovation has built up the basis for the toll increase of trucks and reorganization of vehicle classification for 2019. The unification of toll fees for highways and state roads implies a remarkable increase of toll fees for trucks of EURO-Norm VI with 4 or more axles.

Referring to the WKG 2018 new toll fees have become valid by January 1st 2019. They consist of three partial toll amounts for infrastructure, air pollution and noise exposure (new).

After the regional extension of the German toll for state roads by July 1st 2018 the additional increase of toll fees at the beginning of 2019 will lead to the second remarkable increase of total cost for the road transport business within the last six months. The additional costs caused by these measurements have to be transferred to the industrial sector, retail businesses and consumers since they are mainly responsible for the increase of transport volumes 

The toll tariffs for Germany valid from 1st of January 2019 and the corresponding distance zone tables are available here for download.

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