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Truck toll increase with October 01, 2015


On 5 November 2014, the German Federal Government passed the law to increase the toll from 1 October 2015. Besides

  • the extension of the toll road network by 1,100 km
  • and lowering the toll for trucks from 7.5 to HZGW
  • The number of axle classes will also be changed from 2 to 4.


The increase in the form of the "distance toll motorway toll" on our part from the legal introduction date lt. Delivery charged further.


The new toll tariffs are available in the menu item toll table/Germanyare available to you for download

Truck toll increase 01.01.2009


Truck toll increase in Germany with 01. January 2009


On November 7, the German Federal Council passed the law to increase the toll from January 1, 2009. Depending on the emission class, the toll rates on German motorways are raised by between 40% and 90%.


Based on an analysis of our fleet structure (Euro III to Euro V engines), a mixed calculation was carried out. This additional burden in the form of a distance tax thus amounts to 46.2% and will be charged to the existing toll rates from the introduction date 01.January 2009.

    Introduction road pricing


    Roadpricing Germany


    The German Federal Government introduced a toll on motorways on 1.1.2005. The average toll rate per kilometre is 12.4 cents. In Germany, this increases the costs of general cargo

    • up to 8 percent
    • Partial and full loads 8 to 18 percent.


    Toll-liable vehicles: all domestic and foreign vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of at least 12 tonnes, which are intended exclusively for road haulage and use the German motorway network.

    • Toll road network: German motorways, including refuelling and rest facilities. There are no tolls for journeys on the A 5 (D / CH border or D / F border to Müllheim / Neuchâtel) and A 6 (D / F border to Saarbrücken-Fechingen) in the border area to France and Switzerland.
    • Toll amount: The amount of the toll depends on the distance traveled, the number of vehicle axles and the emission class of a vehicle or a vehicle combination. The toll rates are accordingly between 0.09 € and 0.14 € per kilometer. The pollutant class may be proved e.g. with a CEMT form through the environmental quality of the towing vehicle.


    Control and sanctions
    Violations of the Motorway Toll Act are severely punished. In addition to the recovery of the toll, a fine will be imposed, which in the case of intentional evasion of the toll 300, - € will be in case of negligent non-payment 150, - €. In case of recurrence, the fine can be up to max. 20000,- Euros.

    Further information about the German truck toll system under


    Because Germany is in transit amongst others, after crossing Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, BeNeLux, France, Spain and Portugal, cost increases due to the introduction of tolls are to be expected. Overseas traffic, e.g. via the major ports of Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam or Antwerp are also affected by the German toll introduction.