Bahn - die kosteng├╝nstige Alternative zum Transport mit dem Lkw

Railway Transport

Especially suitable for large quantities, which do not always have to be transported in a hurry.

Lagermax rail transport is the cost-effective and reliable alternative on rail: Goods that do not always need to be transported in such a hurry!

By using the Lagermax combined transport railways, we offer our customers punctual and on-time delivery of the goods.

Regardless of traffic problems such as traffic jams, accidents, road blocks or weather conditions. The railway transport  is therefore a cost-effective alternative to transport by truck, for non-critical shipments.

Specially suitable for transporting large quantities of goods, or when transporting particularly heavy goods, bulk material and liquid as well as gaseous substances. Exact timetables allow precise limitation of departure and arrival times of goods. This results in accurate transport planning.

Your advantages

  • Low freight costs
  • on-time delivery
  • rail transport is the environmentally friendly alternative
  • large capacities of combined transport rail & road
  • dense Lagermax network with sidings

Your contact person

Lagermax Logistics Austria GmbH | Salzburg Robert Weingrill
Radingerstra├če 16 5020 Salzburg, Austria
T.: +43 662 40902390 | M. +43 664 8316434


The rolling highway is the ideal option for sustainable transport services.