The Rolling Highway is the ideal option 

for sustainable transport services.

The rolling highway (ROLA) is the perfect sustainable and efficient addition to the Lagermax transport company. Sustainable, safe and comfortable on the go!

Lagermax uses the efficiency of the  Rolling Highway (ROLA), e.g. from and to Italy, but even to Hungary and Germany, on individual connections. The use of intermodal transport allows us to offer a sought-after alternative to save costs, time and nerves while transporting goods.

As a cooperation partner of our customers, it is mandatory to contribute to an environmentally sound, reliable and cost-effective task fulfilment along the value chain. Lagermax sees the  Rolling Highway  as an ideal option for sustainable transport services. The environmental idea, as well as responsibility for man and nature are at the forefront.

The Lagermax "Route Management" monitors travel times and compliance with all legal requirements, in order to meet all the requirements of our customers.

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Radingerstrasse 16 5020 Salzburg, Austria
T.: +43(0)662/40 90-2390