Separate paint workshops and modern equipped workshops.

Lagermax offers a comprehensive range of repair work from its own paint shop to a modern equipped workshop.

Whether stone chipping, glass replacement or damage processing. The Lagermax automotive specialists are able to meet specific customer requirements for a wide variety of vehicle equipment. At the end, a careful polishing of the vehicles is done.

"With us your, vehicles are well equipped."

Glass repair

New windshield or repair?

Hailstorm damage

Know-how and tact for your vehicles.


Lagermax is the service provider in the automotive sector.

Paint repair

Professional, high quality painting processes.

Your point of contact

Lagermax Autotransport GmbH | Straßwalchen Prok. Mario Monetti
Lagermax Straße 1 5204 Straßwalchen, Austria
T.: 0043 6215 84853311
Tampering with the Lagermax Website
Recently our homepage has been copied and falsified for the presumed purpose of fraud. Please carefully check the correct spelling of the URL and of our company when visiting our side. The Lagermax AG points out that we do not accept payments for vehicle transactions and we strongly advise against this procedure.