Hazardous goods-warehouse

Lagermax has one of the most modern equipped dangerous goods warehouses in Salzburg.

Lagermax has a modern and perfectly equipped dangerous goods warehouse in Salzburg, thus ensuring optimal storage for your dangerous goods.

The storage capacity of 1,500 pallet spaces is divided into 9 separate storage sections (including 7 separate dangerous goods boxes) and represents the latest status of technology according to international specifications.

Your advantages

  • Each box is a separate fire compartment with automatic fire door.
  • The bottom of the individual hazardous goods boxes is designed as a trough with special outflow into a 5,000 l container in the basement.
  • At an easily accessible building front, there are special entrances for emergency services.
  • Deflagration valves on doors, which spring up during explosions and divert the pressure.
  • There are connection points outside the building for fire brigades, using which the appropriate extinguishing agent is supplied.
  • Distribution of the extinguishing agent in the boxes using a foaming system.
  • All shelves are grounded to prevent the generation of electricity.
  • All electrical equipment is ex-protected.
  • Special ADR training for responsible employees.
  • A dedicated dangerous goods officer is employed as a specialist, exclusively for operation and control of the warehouse and handling.

Your contact person

Lagermax Internationale Spedition GmbH | Salzburg Prok. Christian Reichl
Radingerstra├če 16 5020 Salzburg, Austria
T.: +43 662 40902561
Tampering with the Lagermax Website
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