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Implementation of 3-stage toll system


As of 01 January 2021, a 3-step system for calculating toll costs was introduced in the Czech Republic by government resolution. In addition to the existing road toll, the change in the electronic toll system now also includes pollution and noise costs, which are integrated in the toll calculation.

The new toll calculation parameters are structured according to the road category (highway; 1st class roads), the vehicle category, the emission classes, the maximum permissible total weight of the vehicle or vehicle train, the number of axles and daytime.

Newly-launched toll roads:

  • D48 Rybí - Příbor Východ with a total length of 11,53 km
  • D06 Nové Strašecí - Krušovice With a total length of 9,8 km

Download: Lagermax toll cost tables for Czech Republic!

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A new satellite-based tolling system was introduced in December 2019. The changeover
requires vehicles over 3.5 t hzG to be equipped with an On-Board-Unit (OBU).

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