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Industrial painting

Creative freedom and parts completion for all kinds of parts.

High-quality parts painting for various industries.

Whether vehicle parts, sanitary facilities, ski industry components and much more: Lagermax offers high-quality parts painting for a wide range of industries. In terms of materials a great deal is possible, from ABS plastics to polyurethane plastics to GRP plastics.

Painting of various materials.

  • Polyurethane plastics: e.g. for vehicle parts such as aprons, skirts and spoilers
  • ABS plastics: e.g. for parts in the electrical industry
  • Polypropylene plastics (PP): e.g. parts for cars and motorcycles
  • Plastics made of polyamide compounds e.g. for ice stocks, tanks made of PA 6 - PA 12, parts for sanitary facilities and ski industry components
  • GRP plastics (polyester): e.g. parts for vehicles such as spoilers, fairings
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