Zwei Lagermax Mitarbeiter stehen nebeneinander vor einem Autotransport-Lader mit einer Arbeitsmappe, und der rechte zeigt in die Ferne.

Car transport

Making sure you’re good to go.

From professionals, for professionals: we take your cars on the road.

As a Lead Logistics Provider , we offer tailored logistics concepts for car transports, car logistics and car deliveries.

With our Europe-wide transport network and over 500 vehicle transporters, Lagermax ensures the trouble-free distribution of your vehicles.

We also provide a wide range of additional services, such as vehicle modifications. Our shared IT solutions with our partners enable seamless shipment tracking and monitoring of the valuable merchandise.

Cargoclix Login

At our locations in Straßwalchen, Vienna and Sollenau, we use the Cargoclix time slot booking system for the unloading process. You can find more information on the initial registration or login in the operating instructions for freight forwarders. 


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Mr. Stefan Ebelsberger 


T: +43 664 / 8452895

Lagermax Arbeiter hat Arbeitsmappe und blickt in diese fokussiert neben einem Arbeitsfahrzeug.

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