Man sieht einen beladenen Lagermax Autotransporter PKW in der Frontal Ansicht

Lagermax Autotransport

The specialist in car deliveries. 

Together, the head office in Straßwalchen and five further branches of Lagermax Autotransports  in Europe  cover a storage area for new vehicles of 2,000,000 m², with a turnover of about 920,000 vehicles  per year.  

As a "Lead Logistics Provider", we provide our customers individual logistics concepts from the vehicle manufacturer to the dealer. In order to guarantee seamless shipment tracking and transport control, each vehicle is recorded within the Lagermax branches as well as at our partners through our IT solutions. 

Ein Portrait eines Arbeiters der sich an einen LKW lehnt
Car transport

From professionals, for professionals: we put your cars on the road.

We are a leading provider of logistics solutions for car transports, automotive logistics and vehicle delivery, with a Europe-wide network of over 500 special transport vehicles. 

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