Lagermax Suzuki Showtruck

Advertising modifications

From small modifications to radical conversions, with us you’re on the right track.

Custom paint jobs, GRP fabrications and radical custom modifications.

Our decades of experience in the field of vehicle and equipment modification allow us to overcome any hurdle in vehicle construction and to perfectly implement your ideas. From mobile cocktail bars to special equipment for winter and off-road use to huge mobile advertising surfaces, our company offers all imaginable possibilities!

Together, we develop your individual offer based on a professional needs analysis. From small modifications to radical conversions, with us you’re on the right track. We provide active support through valuable tips and advice and accompany you throughout the process - to your goal of your dream advertising vehicle.


The most important questions regarding advertising vehicle modifications.

From mobile cocktailbars to specialist equipment for winter and off-road use to huge advertising surfaces, our company offers all possible types of event vehicles. 

Do you want to become your own driving advertising space? Or communicate on the move who you are and what you do? Or do you need to drive to different locations with everything ready for successful communication of your brand? Are you looking for the perfect advertising for your company?

Then an advertising vehicle from Lagermax is just what you need! It opens up a world of possibilities to spread the word about yourself or your brand - while getting around! We’re the vehicle specialists you need for your advertising and event vehicles! 

There is no one answer to this question. The costs depend on your wishes and requirements.

Following a needs analysis, we draw up a detailed cost plan.

Send us an inquiry - we offer the best results in vehicle modifications and advertising vehicles.

Our team will take care of your individual wishes for your vehicle modification, from the development to the production phase. The construction of the vehicles is carried out in-house with the collaboration of TÜV Austria.

We are happy to help you in the following areas:

- custom paint jobs

- GRP structures

- radical special conversions

In the first step, the design plans are developed based on a detailed needs analysis. Following consultations, the sketches are then implemented into reality under observance of the highest quality standards and integrated into the entire process.

Our vehicle modifications are certified for the desired market, including TÜV inspection.

We also handle the vignette, so that you can take delivery of your new event vehicle without any hassles. 

Your contact for advertising modifications

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T. +43 6215 84853274

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