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Sustainability at Lagermax 

We travel new roads for the world of tomorrow.

The Lagermax Group DNA is marked by a cross-generational way of thinking that focuses on long-term goals. We are aware of our responsibilities as a transport and logistics company towards society. That is why we work with passion towards climate-friendly, environmentally-friendly and socially responsible solutions. We are leading our industry into a sustainable future.

In our business areas, it is crucial to recognize that we need to prepare for future challenges today. For this reason, we are continuously implementing the necessary measures in all areas.

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Lagermax Group Austria is committed to taking a precautionary approach towards the environment, with a view to preventing long-term environmental damage.

Emissions & energy

Saving energy and reducing climate-harming emissions is an important goal for Lagermax. Our objective is therefore to make all business areas more sustainable. To achieve this, we rely amongst others on the following measures:

  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Developing the electric infrastructure
  • Expanding our photovoltaic systems
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Best Practice

Economical driving

For over 10 years, we have been organising fuel saving trainings with our truck drivers. To motivate them to save fuel, we have developed our own bonus system with financial incentives. Consumptions are compared each month in order to derive improvement measures for the vehicles or the driving style of the drivers.

Best Practice

Making good use of the sun’s energy

Since 2015, 768 photovoltaic modules have been lying on the roof of the mechanics hall in Straßwalchen. Every year, these save as much CO₂ as the emissions of 90 houses. Today solar panels have been installed at six Austrian sites, covering a total surface area of 15,290m². We use the electricity ourselves and feed the rest into the grid. Just in Straßwalchen and Vienna, over 500 tonnes of CO₂ emissions are saved annually. The other locations are Villach, St. Veit/Glan, Sachsenburg and Radstadt. Together, the systems achieve a total output of 2,447 kWp.


We employ over 4.000 people internationally. As a family company and a services company, we know clearly that our most important success factor is our employees. We therefore implement various measures to ensure their satisfaction.

Satisfaction as a success factor

To provide our employees with the ideal work-life balance, we offer various work time models. In addition, depending on company and country, we provide various employee benefits. These include employee events, various discounts and training and further education opportunities.

Equal opportunity is key

Diversity is important at Lagermax. We promote the individuality of our employees and for instance have created space for personal religious observance.


As a family company with a rich tradition, Lagermax places great value in long-term collaborations with regional suppliers and partners. To strengthen regional value creation at the individual sites of the Lagermax Group, we give preferential treatment to regional companies for maintenance contracts and investment projects. Our goal is to secure jobs in the respective region and promote local economic development.

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