Overnight-Express von Lagermax AED.

Overnight express

Reliable and fast delivery of goods is also possible outside business hours. Lagermax AED is always the right choice.

Overnight express with Lagermax AED

Overnight express is the ideal solution for companies that need to ship time-critical goods. We pick up urgently needed goods daily or as needed from you or your customers and deliver them the same night. With our flexible vehicle fleet, we have no weight and volume restrictions. We can therefore safely pick up small, highly sensitive shipments for the technology sector, as well as bulky spare parts for the automotive industry or agriculture, and deliver them punctually.

Overnight express gives your recipient the option to place orders up to the late afternoon. At an agreed time, we pick up your shipment and deliver it on the same night, before 08:00, 07:00 or 06:00.

Your benefits. 

  • Productivity – The goods are available before the start of work so that the working day can be planned better
  • High level of service - Your customers can order until late in the afternoon
  • Low capital commitment – Minimise your inventory
  • Reduction of downtime –   in the event of machine failure
  • Returned goods management – Acceptance and return of incorrect orders or defective goods
  • Track & Trace - complete shipment tracking at package level incl. GPS information

International overnight express delivery.

Lagermax AED has branches in Austria and Eastern Europe. This also applies to our overnight express network, which is additionally present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Rumania and Bulgaria with the same quality and IT standards.

Growing globalisation and the increasing internationalisation of companies require new, innovative solutions, and this also applies to the transport sector. Lagermax AED provides international overnight express delivery solutions within the CEE. With our own branches in

  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Rumania
  • Bulgaria

and uniform quality and IT standards, we offer our customers overnight express delivery solutions of the highest quality and flexibility.

In addition to our powerful overnight express network, we also have a same-day and on-time network that ensures that even shipments that could not be delivered during the night reach their destination quickly.

We are a member of the ESLA - European Service Logistics Association , which further enables us to offer our international customers cross-border overnight express solutions across Europe.

ESLA is an exclusive network of overnight delivery service providers in Europe. The goal of this community, consisting of spare parts and service logistics specialists, is networking and exchange of experiences in order to be ready for the challenges of the future. The European Service Logistics Association was established in February 2011 as a non-profit organisation. All its members are market leaders in their countries, allowing for an international exchange of experiences.

You can choose from the following delivery options: