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Ensure trust, transparency and accountability in business operations.

With a company history of over 100 years, Lagermax stands for reliability and continuity. As part of compliance, we follow applicable law in all business activities and respect the customs, traditions and social values of the countries in which we operate in.

Through a commitment to uphold human rights and protect the environment, the Lagermax Group has defined a Code of Conduct that is binding for all business units, subsidiaries and international locations. Another Code of Conduct has been developed for Lagermax Group business partners to set standards along the supply chain.

Code of conduct for employees and business partners.

In order to inform both employees and business partners about the principles of conduct, a distinction is made between two Codes of Conduct.

Business partners

This Code of Conduct summarizes the demands of the Lagermax Group on its business partners, which relate to the legal and ethical principles.


This Code of Conduct applies to all managers and employees of the Lagermax Group and is intended to help overcome ethical and legal challenges in daily work.

Whistleblower system

If you become aware of violations of laws or the Code of Conduct, you should immediately contact the Lagermax Group whistleblower system. This is available anonymously to both employees and business partners at any time. All information will be carefully examined and, if necessary, measures will be taken.

Your contact.

For specific questions, please feel free to contact our Compliance Team.

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