Quality standards

Stability and flexibility, the foundations of our success. 

Quality, environmental protection and customer satisfaction are the pillars guiding our actions – and what sets us apart. We view ourselves as collaborators with our customers and work passionately to find tailored logistics solutions for them. With our combination of individual commitment, competence and sustainable approaches, at Lagermax we create quality standards that satisfy our customers, employees and the environment. That is how we ensure the sustainable success of the Lagermax Group.

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Common standards


Our commitment to common guidelines forms the foundation of our lasting success and underscores the responsibility we have towards our customers, employees and the environment. We always pursue the goal of acting in an environmentally compatible and efficient manner along the entire value chain.

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Partnership & customer satisfaction.

Our highest objective is enthusiastic customers who work with us for the long term. We always think and act in line with your requirements and expectations. As a reliable partner, we deliver first-class and individual solutions. We realise jointly agreed projects cost-efficiently, environmentally consciously and on schedule.

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Leadership & development 

Supporting our employees is important to us. Through clear objectives and valuable information, we help them to be successful in their actions. Teamwork, openness and honesty characterise our corporate culture, because we know that we can only advance together. We value the skills of each employee and offer targeted possibilities for development and promotion.

Our leadership style is marked by participation and a clear focus on the target and on results. We always respect the dignity, freedom and rights of each person. To always be with the times, we continuously develop our leadership methods and are open to new ideas and changes.

Reliable & secure.

The Lagermax management sets clear goals regarding quality, environmental protection and information security. In a top-down process with managers, corresponding measures are developed and are then implemented throughout the company. Throughout, we emphasise the observance of internal processes and of relevant laws and regulations. That is how we can offer our customers the best possible results.

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Committed to the future


We place great value in a responsible use of resources and are actively committed to protecting our planet. Our goal is to reduce environmental pollutants and to always observe mandatory regulations. Through continuous information – internally as well as externally – we create awareness and promote sustainable interaction with our environment.

Sustainability at Lagermax

Exchange & Transparency

Communication and information are major components of our daily work. To achieve our goals, we rely on effective dialogue between the various business areas, departments, employees, as well as customers and partners. Our transparent internal communication creates clarity, allowing our employees to better understand goals and decision-making processes. Access to this information increases the quality of our services and improves collaboration.

Efficiency & optimisation

Our focus lies on profitable results that ensure the sustainable growth of the company – to the benefit of all stakeholders. We set clear goals and monitor their achievement. We believe in constant improvement: by continuously optimising our work processes, we increase our performance and achieve measurable results.

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Respectful behaviour.

The public image of the Lagermax Group is marked by the professional appearance and responsible action of all employees. Our Code of Conduct includes binding rules that apply to thes  entire Lagermax team. These help us master ethical and legal challenges in our daily work. This is how we guarantee professionalism and integrity in everything that we do.

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