Man sieht mehrere Lagermax Anhaenger und einen Sattelschlepper im Hochformat

Lagermax Logistics

For over 10 decades, THE shipping company for transport and logistics issues. 

We are a borderless transport company, and our employees develop tailored concepts to deliver your goods to the right place at the right time. Our collected know-how combined with the latest IT technology enables us to transport over 1.5 million tonnes of merchandise per year. 

In addition to the headquarters in Salzburg - Maxglan, we have another 85 sites in Austria and across Southern, Western, Central and South-Eastern Europe. 

We guarantee optimal transport.
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Ein Arbeiter sitzt in einer LKW Fahrerkabine und lacht mit Dokument und Funkgeraet in der Hand
Tailored logistics solutions.
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Ein Lagermax Mitarbeiter sitzt im Buero vor zwei Bildschirmen und arbeitet