Lagermax Conzept Container Modulbau

Modular container construction

Turnkey space solutions with room modules & containers.

Container und Kühlcontainer in jeder Größe und für jeden Verwendungszweck.
Conzept is the right choice

Modular construction, containers, refrigerated containers

From individual containers to modular buildings!

CONZEPT offers room modules, containers and refrigerated containers in all sizes, for all uses and any length of time, for rent or for sale. With room modules, modular structures can be erected in no time ready for use according to your wishes, such as schools, kindergartens, offices or shelters.

The containers and refrigerated containers can be used individually or joined together as container parks.

When you’ve got the time. 
Rail transport
Lagermax Arbeiter klettert auf Auto Transport Gueterzug in der Seitenansicht.
Containers for overseas shipping at a glance.