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Lagermax Futurespace receives award at Salzburg regional prize


As part of the "Night of Advertising", the interactive Lagermax "FutureTruck" developed by A365 in tight cooperation with Ars Electronica was awarded the Salzburg Regional Prize in the Exhibition Construction & POS category.
The "Futurespace", specially constructed for the Lagermax Group, offers visitors the opportunity to experience current and future megatrends in logistics as well as the history and visions of the Salzburg logistics and forwarding company in a playful and interactive way.

Dynamic and innovation essential for logistics service providers

Lagermax's economically and socially dynamic environment as an internationally active freight forwarding and logistics service provider was the decisive factor in creating an innovative and mobile "communication tool" for customers, partners, stakeholders and future employees with the Futurespace.

Four megatrends characterize the future of logistics

The concept and design of the interior of the FutureTruck offer fascinating insights into the future challenges facing the logistics industry, such as globalization, mobility, connectivity and neo-ecology. This highlights industry trends and visions of how networked and sustainable logistics can be designed in the future. To this end, the Frankfurt Future Institute was commissioned to conduct its own study on trends and visions in the logistics industry for service providers such as Lagermax.
Various exhibits in the FutureTruck can be experienced interactively and playfully on screens and with the help of augmented reality. In this way, Lagermax is positioning itself as a pioneer in shaping a networked and sustainable world of logistics for the future.

Fact Box - Lagermax Group

With over 85 of its own locations in 15 European countries, the Lagermax Group offers a highly developed distribution network for all customer requirements. Boundaries are increasingly disappearing, but local specialties remain. The company generated a total turnover of 650 million euros in 2022 and has a workforce of around 4,000 employees.

© Lagermax | Images: A365

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