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Lagermax Logistics Group keeps up strong growth


++ Turnover increased by around 12 percent to 730 million ++ Investment volume amounts to 55 million EUR ++ 4,000 employees internationally ++

Salzburg, April 25, 2024. The Lagermax Group achieved another record result in the previous business year 2023 with turnover totaling 730 million euros. Compared to 2022, this represents an increase of 12 percent. All divisions of the Lagermax Group performed excellently and contributed to this outstanding result. The two Management Board members Alexander Friesz and Thomas Baumgartner therefore look back on the 2023 business year with great confidence.

New business areas and targeted acquisitions expand product range

Through the continuous expansion of existing business areas and service offerings as well as acquisitions, the Lagermax Group's portfolio has been further broadened internationally, thus counteracting market fluctuations even better. Both existing and new customers benefit from this broad range of services with constantly improving offers, the two board members agree.

In 2023, around 55 million euros were invested specifically in expanding and strengthening the Lagermax service portfolio (tangible assets and investments). The company acquired a majority stake in LogBATT GmbH in Plochingen, Germany, thereby strengthening its Green Logistics division. Additional synergies were achieved in the waste disposal logistics and recycling divisions as well as in the battery logistics division.

Lagermax strengthened its European distribution network in two-wheeler logistics with the acquisition of the Spanish motorcycle logistics company LVTmoto near Barcelona. The Dutch motorcycle logistics specialist MOL Cargo was already integrated into the Salzburg-based Lagermax Group in 2022.

Green Logistics is decisive for future stability

In order to reduce ecological impact and at the same time operate efficiently, the area of green logistics is a high priority at Lagermax. To this end, the necessary measures are continuously implemented in all business areas. Investments range from increasing energy efficiency in warehousing, to the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) as fuel within the truck fleet, to electric vehicles and photovoltaic systems.

As a "logistics provider of the future", Lagermax values long-term cooperation with regional suppliers and partners. To this end, in 2023 the company intensified its efforts to optimize transport routes with IT-supported systems in order to reduce emissions.

Increase in the number of employees

In order to accommodate this growth, the international number of employees increased to around 4,000. The continuous qualification and training of the workforce continues to guarantee high-quality services and ensures that the Lagermax Group has special expertise within the logistics sector.

Further development projects are already planned for 2024 to support the company's sustainable success in the future. The focus is once again on optimized IT-supported processes and the expansion of the international network.

About the Lagermax Group

With over 85 of its own locations in 15 European countries - Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Spain and Turkey - the Lagermax Group offers a sophisticated distribution network for all customer requirements. Borders are increasingly disappearing, but local characteristics remain. Lagermax focuses great attention on this fact. The Lagermax Group generated total turnover of 730 million euros in 2023 and has a workforce of 4,000 employees.

Image: © ipopba - stock.adobe

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