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Lagermax takes over spanish motorcycle logistics company LVTmoto


Lagermax takes over spanish motorcycle logistics company LVTmoto
Lagermax expands European two-wheeler logistics network ++ Acquisition of LVTmoto near Barcelona ++ Previous owners and staff remain with the company ++

Salzburg / Santa Perpetua de Mogoda | November 20, 2023. Lagermax Logistics Austria GmbH is taking over the spanish motorcycle logistics company LVTmoto near Barcelona with retroactive effect from October 1, 2023, thus further expanding its European network in two-wheeler logistics.

LVTmoto has over 30 years of experience in the transportation and storage of two-wheelers and works for many well-known motorcycle brands. The company is strategically located near Barcelona's international airport and directly on the AP7, the Spanish highway connection to Europe.

This acquisition strengthens Lagermax's position as one of the leading players in European two-wheeler logistics. "Following the takeover of Molcargo in the Netherlands last year and the many years of in-house expertise, Lagermax Logistics is pursuing a clear growth strategy in European two-wheeler logistics with this acquisition," says Alexander Friesz, CEO of the Lagermax Group.

Customers benefit from Europe-wide network

The previous owners will remain with the company as managing directors, as will the entire LVTmoto workforce. "The integration into the Lagermax network will open up further European countries for LVTmoto. Our long-standing customers and partners will benefit from this," says Eva Vázquez, representing the management of LVTmoto.

LVTmoto has 36 employees and operates its own fleet of over 80 trucks and special trailers. LVTmoto's Santa Perpetua de Mogoda site is located in the center of the Spanish motorcycle industry. From here, motorcycles are stored on an area of over 3,000 m² and distributed to a large number of European countries in addition to the Spanish market.

The logistical expertise and the technical equipment of the fleet and warehouse for the transportation and storage of unpacked motorcycles make this area particularly interesting for producers and dealers of two-wheelers.

With this acquisition, the Lagermax Group is expanding its proprietary European network to a total of 15 European countries.

Fact Box – Lagermax Group

With over 60 of its own locations in 15 European countries, the Lagermax Group offers a sophisticated distribution network for all customer requirements. The company generated a total turnover of 650 million euros in 2022 and employs around 4,000 people.

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