Logistics solutions

We deliver since 1920.
By tradition. By passion.

Lagermax logistics solutions mean: Individual services, flexible processes, punctual delivery as well as order picking and packaging.

Our logistics experts have the necessary know-how for a wide variety of tailor-made industry solutions in the areas of B2B and B2C. At the beginning, there is a joint analysis of your wishes and requirements to create innovative and future-oriented logistics solutions .

Tyre logistics

Lagermax "expands" your own valuable storage space and prevents capacity bottlenecks.

Returns logistics

Lagermax enables fast and precise handling of returned goods.

Trade fair logistics

Plan your next trade fair with Lagermax.

Messelogistik-Abteilung, Individuelle Beratung, Konzeptentwicklungen

Spare parts logistics

So that your goods arrive safely, quickly and at the right time to the right recipient.

Flexible Ersatzteilversorgung und effiziente Beschaffungs-Logistik

Textile Logistics

Warehouse logistics solutions for "stored" or packaged fabrics.


Professional e-commerce solutions.