Truck transports

Lagermax always has the right transport solution on the road for you.

Lagermax shipping company offers Europe-wide truck transport with optimal runtime and economical routes.

The Austrian traffic guarantees an efficient transport duration and a nation-wide supply within Austria, via the Lagermax state depots.

Throughout Europe, the Lagermax general cargo network offers economically and ecologically best truck transport solutionsfrom house to house, by integrating the proven partner network. The Lagermax general cargo specialists will always find the most suitable transport route in each case. Depending on the relation and competitiveness, combined transport and piggybacking are used.

Your advantages

  • Optimal runtime
  • economic transport route
  • partner network
  • combined transport and piggybacking
  • general cargo - grouping of goods or consignments

Partial and complete loads

Lagermax guarantees Europe-wide coverage.

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Tampering with the Lagermax Website
Recently our homepage has been copied and falsified for the presumed purpose of fraud. Please carefully check the correct spelling of the URL and of our company when visiting our side. The Lagermax AG points out that we do not accept payments for vehicle transactions and we strongly advise against this procedure.