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Hailstorm damage

Know-how and tact for your vehicles.

Thunderstorms in connection with strong hailstorms can often occur quite suddenly and damage cars more or less.

Sometimes the repair of the body is usually a costly affair. These times are finally over! With our new CSR - Car Soft Repair System - we quickly and cheaply eliminate bumps on the body of vehicles. Best of all, there are no costs for new parts or paint. The innovative CSR technology allows the damage to be repaired without damaging the paint surface - Car Soft Repair.

Your advantages

  • Repair after hail damage by means of alignment, without painting
  • the original paint is retained
  • no risk of colour or structure differences on the paint
  • no filling, grinding or galvanizing as with conventional repair methods
  • no use of chemicals, no vehicle pollution.
  • In addition, the repair method performed by Lagermax offers you above all a big savings potential: Up to 70% cost savings through low repair costs, reduced repair time, no depreciation of the vehicle, low environmental impact, no disposal costs