Car remodelling and installations

Let us do something on it, because nothing is impossible for us!

Lagermax constantly strives to complete vehicle modifications of any kind for you to the fullest satisfaction.

So that your vehicle, whether passenger car or commercial vehicle, differs from the standard models, numerous modifications can be carried out in-house.

Your advantages

  • Exterior styling: Rear spoiler, lowering, spacers, side skirts, front bumper, rear skirt, higher production, decorative trim, front bumper, side protection, underride protection, sunroof, hard-top
  • interior styling: Decorative mouldings, tinting foils, leather seats
  • interior modifications Air conditioning, heater, seat heating, alarm, navigation systems, handsfree, hitch

Your point of contact

Lagermax Autotransport GmbH | Straßwalchen Prok. Mario Monetti
Lagermax Straße 1 5204 Straßwalchen, Austria
T.: 0043 6215 84853311
Tampering with the Lagermax Website
Recently our homepage has been copied and falsified for the presumed purpose of fraud. Please carefully check the correct spelling of the URL and of our company when visiting our side. The Lagermax AG points out that we do not accept payments for vehicle transactions and we strongly advise against this procedure.