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Lagermax acquires stake in battery logistics specialist LogBATT in Germany
Salzburg / Plochingen, 26 July 2023. Lagermax acquires a three-quarters majority stake in LogBATT GmbH in Plochingen with retroactive effect from 1 July 2023. Lagermax is thus strengthening its Green Logistics division and adding the battery logistics division to its disposal logistics and recycling divisions. LogBATT GmbH was founded in 2017. The two previous sole shareholders, Philipp Helmle and Eduard Schönmeier, have many years of expertise in developing solutions in the field of lithium-ion battery logistics, especially for the automotive industry. With LogBATT, they have specialised in complete solutions for lithium-ion battery logistics to be able to offer their customers unique and professional solutions across the entire battery supply chain. Another unique feature are the in-house developed transport and storage containers that come in various sizes for batteries, modules and cells. These are not only suitable for the transport and storage of new batteries but can also be used in particular for critically defective or damaged batteries. These boxes were developed in accordance with the latest dangerous goods regulations of ADR 2023 and are certified by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). Lithium-ion batteries are considered hazardous goods during transport and storage. This is an area in which Lagermax Logistics Austria GmbH has had a high level of expertise for many decades. "With the dense European network of Lagermax as well as the expertise in the field of waste disposal logistics and recycling, LogBATT GmbH has an ideal environment to further develop this fast-growing business area beyond the country's borders", says Managing Director Philipp Helmle. With its business segments Lagermax Logistics, Car Transport and AED Alltime Express Distribution, Lagermax Group serves many OEMs and customers in the automotive industry in both procurement and distribution logistics. This makes the investment in LogBATT an ideal addition to the logistics portfolio. "The best prerequisites for continuing the expansion strategy and positioning ourselves as the leading provider of battery logistics in Europe", Alexander Friesz, CEO of Lagermax Group, elaborates. "We see a lot of synergies with Lagermax and with this strategic partnership we have taken a big step towards our vision of becoming Europe's largest logistics provider for lithium-ion batteries", adds Eduard Schönmeier. The two previous shareholders Philipp Helmle and Eduard Schönmeier continue to hold stakes and remain on board as managing directors of LogBATT GmbH for the further development and expansion of the promising company.   Fact Box – Lagermax Group With over 60 locations of its own in 14 European countries, the Lagermax Group offers a sophisticated distribution network for all customer requirements. The company generated a total turnover of EUR 650 million in 2022 and has around 3,800 employees. Fact Box – LogBATT LogBATT GmbH employs around 35 people and generated a turnover of EUR 8.7 million in 2022. In addition to the head office also production facilities, logistics and a development centre are available at the Plochingen site near Stuttgart. Interim warehouses are located in Bispingen and Leipzig.